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Molly’s STORY

It Was Meant To Be……..

March 29th 2016 was a very sad day for me; I had gone to my son’s for a birthday weekend and left my two yorkies with my daughter and her two yorkies. My eldest dog, Misty, had not been great for a few days, and, to cut a long story short, when I returned from my trip, Misty had passed away; I had missed her by about 2 hrs!

Anyone who has lost a dear pet will understand how I felt. The house seemed empty, despite my other yorkie, Maggie. She kept looking for Misty, it was so sad. Well, that first week passed slowly and painfully. On Monday March 7th, one week after I lost Misty, my son-in-law rang me to say that my daughter Tracy had found a little white dog in the street, on her way to work early that morning. He told me that she was in pretty poor condition and had fleas. I said that he had to wash her quickly, otherwise his dogs would have them too! I learned later that he had not washed a dog before!! My daughter called me when she got home from work & told me what a sweet little dog she was and that they had taken her to Petsmart to see if she had a microchip (she did not have a collar either). They could not locate one initially, but she then thought she could feel one around her shoulder, so they went somewhere else and discovered that she had a chip but no registered owner!! Who would do that to a dog? No signs went up around the neighborhood, so they asked me if I would like her? Well, of course I said yes, so the next day they brought her to my house. Maggie took to her immediately, and they all got along well. I was truly grateful to my daughter & son-in-law for giving me this little white bundle of fun!! She told me later that they would have kept her if I had not taken her.

Next morning I took her to the vets for a checkup; as well as fleas, she had bad ears, bad teeth (they estimated her age as between 2 & 3yrs old), and they thought she was either just going into heat or coming out of it. She had had puppies as well, so the general consensus of opinion was that she was owned by a back yard breeder, to get cute white puppies.

Research indicated that she was a Maltese, she only weighed 6.7lbs at the first vet visit, and she is now 10.8lbs and eats everything I give her!! She was very responsive to me, and as a believer in well-trained dogs, I enrolled her in Obedience Classes. She did well and so I continued her training with what is now my passion and started her in Dog Therapy Classes. We went on her first visit Wednesday June 1st 2016, and she handled everything new pretty well. For only a small dog, she can be a little intimidated, but she got over it, and she loved giving the patients of the hospital we visited kisses and love and being of a comfort to them as they ran their fingers through her fur.

The moral of this story is always keeping some form of identification on your pet, be it cat or dog, as they can easily be distracted and run off for any reason. I have heard many people say to me, “Oh he/she will not run off” but they are animals and will behave as their instinct tell them to! If you find a lost pet anywhere, be sure to have them scanned for a microchip or check a rabies tag for proof of ownership if at all possible, so that their real owners can be located. It was meant to be that Molly came into my life, and I can now help others feel better, to give back some of the love she has shown me.  Molly now has about 250 Therapy Visits to her credit and is loved by everyone.

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