I got Mickey through the Denton Humane Society in February of 2014. He was a scrawny, scaredy little bean, but oh boy, turned out he was a lover! My roommate and I watched carefully as he quietly followed her 9-month-old half-Maine Coon girl around the house, sniffing at her fluffy tail. She was hesitant, but he just wanted to be a sweet brother! Well, his persistance paid off and within a couple weeks, it was like they were from the same litter!

Five years later and he’s still an insatiable cuddle bug. And with the same inexplicable drive to be a good brother! He now gives his attentions to his little sister, Misha (she came with that name, I promise), which is good because she’s a Calico diva who needs the attention. He’s not a scrawny string bean anymore, but all his softness (“puddin’,” as we call it) is great for snuggling. Well, except when that puddin’ is flopped across my face…!

Mickey likes cardboard scratchers, foil balls, watching me cook, and grooming his sister. He can sleep through fire truck sirens, is the Terror of any and all plant-life and picture frames in the house, and will only eat poultry-flavored food. I love him so dearly, and I’m grateful everyday to Kris and the DHS for saving him and his siblings so he could live such a decadent, comfy life with me.


Emily T