Smokie has an unusual history. Living in an apartment complex in Denton she was being fed by some residents. She also was having kittens, lots of kittens. The residents caught and placed as many kittens as they could, but momma cat was not going to be caught. She was fairly tame, they could pet her and she would come when they called but she was a master at hiding with her kittens. The DHS office was contacted seeking help in any way; the people feeding her were going to move soon and were worried what would become of her. I agreed to take her as a barn cat since she was touchable if they caught her. Months went by, then I heard from the residents. She’d been caught and was going to be spayed the next day and would I take her? She had her surgery, ear tipped, shots and leukemia and fiv test. I put her in a large cage in my barn and after two weeks, she was set free and promptly disappeared under my tack room, only coming out for food and water. However, she would come when called so I could pet her . She is not a wild cat! My barn cats chased her so I brought her indoors. She knew how to use a litter box and made herself at home. I named her Smokie because of her pretty, soft gray fur. She is very sweet, loves to be petted but not picked up. She is very playful and quite a character. She needs an indoor home without dogs; she gets along with cats who are not aggressive and would be fine as an only cat. She is not used to children. Smokie’s summer special adoption fee is $50.00, she must be indoors and cannot be declawed. She has not been microchipped, but if adopted this could be arranged. For an adoption questionnaire, or more information about her, please contact Kris at

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House trained • Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations
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