Katy-Kat is a beautiful Calico, approximately 2 ½ months old.  He is one of the nicest cats I’ve ever known.  She is very playful and friendly.  She enjoys snuggling in your lap.  Although small in stature,  she plays with her brothers who are all bigger than her and she never backs down.  Shee does great with her brothers as well as with my older cats and appears to not be afraid of my dogs.  She is a healthy, loveable kitten who always uses her litter box and enjoys her kitten chow each morning and evening, especially when a little canned wet food is added.  Katy-Kat was found with three other kittens (Stewart, Squirrely Dan and Boomtown).  I’m not sure if they were all from the same litter or perhaps a combination of two litters as Squirrely Dan and Boomtown seem to be about 2 weeks older than Stewart and Katy Kat.  The kittens are very bonded.  They love to play and wrestle and then curl up for a nap.  They will keep you smiling and laughing.  Katy-Kat will be a wonderful addition to any family. She will complete her vetting procedures (spay, vaccinations, microchip, etc.) in August.  Her adoption fee is $100 but if you want to also adopt one of her playmates too, you can adopt both for $150.   Please be aware thats he must be an indoor only cat and never be de-clawed. Although she seems to do well around children, if she is in a home with children, they must be over 7 years of age as she is too young to know how to retract her claws and could harm a small child and not mean to.  If you would like to meet Katy-Kat, please call or text Laura at 940-395-3754.