Would you like to sponsor a special needs cat?   Jetta is 5 years old; has a brain disorder that causes seizures if not on daily medication.  She was found as a tiny kitten on a blacktop road in the middle of summer.  Brought to a local veterinarian, she was comatose, had a very high temperature and dehydrated.  After emergency medical care, she rebounded and went into a foster home.  At about 9 months of age, she began to have massive frequent seizures possibly from the earlier trauma or epilepsy.  She can be unsteady on her feet but otherwise can run and play with toys and interact with her cat friends.  Jetta requires twice daily medicine to control her seizures (she has not had one in years!) semi-annual blood work and the usual routine vet care.  She recently had an infected dewclaw which required removal of the entire nail.  All things considered she is a healthy cat.
If you are interested in helping with Jetta’s care, you can donate to Denton Humane Society and just let us know it is for Jetta.  You will receive updates and pictures of her from her foster if you wish.  Please contact us for more information and thank you!