DHS is a private, not-for-profit 501c(3) organization for the purpose of improving the lives of animals in Denton County. DHS is committed to kindness and compassion for all living beings. We do not receive any city, county, state or federal funding. Our financial needs are met entirely through donations, adoptions, grants, and fund-raising events.

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Checks or online –  You can make a donation at any time and can also specify how you wish your donation to be used.   Donations can be specifically applied to our spay/neuter program, medical assistance, or pet food bank. We do not pass costs on to adopters and are only able to recoup funds through donations, fundraisers, grants and our Pledge Pals.   We are a 501c(3) organization with no government funding.  If you wish to make a donation it is easy to do. Simply mail your check or money order payable to Denton Humane Society to DHS, P. O. Box 1972, Denton TX 76202.

Pledge Pal

You may also help by becoming a Pledge Pal via monthly donation. We will send you a monthly update telling about a rescued animal and what your donation has accomplished.


If you wish to make a donation in honor/memory of a person or animal, it is easy to do. Simply mail your check or money order payable to Denton Humane Society to DHS, P. O. Box 1972, Denton TX 76202. Include your name and address as well as the person/animal for whom your are making the donation. Also indicate the address of nearest living relative or friend so that an acknowledgement can be sent to them as well. We do not normally indicate amount of donation, but can if requested.


Want to become a member of DHS? It’s easy. Fill out the membership form and join the fun. Some of the benefits of becoming a member are newsletters (e-mail or postal). You will be kept up to date on all of our upcoming events and news about previous events. You will read stories our past adopters have sent as well as stories of animals we have helped, either those currently in foster or other needy pets. It is only a $20.00 tax deductible donation for a yearly membership or $100.00 donation for a life time membership. What a deal!

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Animals In My Care

I also pledge to satisfy the following conditions regarding animals in my care:

  1. Ensure that all animals in my care (including personal household pets and other rescues not associated with DHS) are up to date on their shots and heart-worm preventative, and are spayed or neutered.
  2. House rescue animals in my care under sanitary conditions, which meet or exceed all minimum standards as defined by local health and sanitation authorities. The dog will not be allowed to roam, nor will the dog be physically restrained to any inanimate objects (trees, cable run, etc.).
  3. Provide transportation for appropriate routine veterinary care for fostered rescue animals, including regular inoculations, heartworm testing, and administration of heart-worm medication. If unable to personally provide transportation, I will notify the Foster coordinator so transportation can be arranged.
  4. Make adequate provision to ensure that rescue animals are free of parasitic infestations (fleas, ticks etc.).
  5. Provide appropriate food, clean water, and shelter for all animals in my care.
  6. Notify DHS of any aggression or other characteristic that might inhibit the quality adoption of the foster animal. DHS will not knowingly place a vicious or otherwise seriously temperamentally unsound animal in an adoptive home.
  7. Contact DHS immediately if the foster dog or cat is lost or stolen, or if it dies.

Adoption Procedures

I pledge to support the following guidelines regarding adoptions. DHS will take the following steps to ensure animals are adopted into homes that will benefit both the animals being adopted and the families adopting them.

  1. Thoroughly interview potential adopters utilizing these methods: written application, phone interview, home visit, and/or face-to-face interview, with the goal of placing all rescue animals in homes that are breed-appropriate and specifically appropriate to each individual animal.
  2. Require sterilization for all rescue animals. The only exception to this requirement is with a veterinarian’s written certification that sterilization should not be performed due to health problems.
  3. Review the current veterinary records of all other pets in the prospective adopter’s home prior to placement of the rescued pet. All pets in the household must be current on all shots, neutered or spayed and must be on heart-worm preventative.
  4. Obtain landlord approval for prospective adopters who rent or lease their residence.
  5. Require that adopters be at least 21 years of age.
  6. Utilize a written adoption contract.
  7. Provide follow-up advice and assistance to adopters.
  8.  Assist in rehoming any rescue animal placed by DHS at the request of an adopter.  Refund of donation/fee is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  9. Maintain a waiting list of interested adopters when requests to adopt exceed available animals.
  10. DHS will not release the original registration papers of any rescue animal to adopter, even if the animal is sterilized.

As A Foster Parent

I agree to:

Conduct myself in a courteous manner in my rescue work such that my behavior brings credit to the image of DHS and animal rescue in general.

I understand that DHS will be responsible for all non-emergency vet care necessary while the dog/cat is in my care only if prior authorization has been given by DHS. In case of a medical emergency, the dog/cat will be given necessary care and DHS will be notified immediately thereafter.

I agree that the animal I am fostering will not be removed from my address or disposed of in any way without prior approval of DHS.

I understand that DHS will not be responsible for injury or illness contracted by any dog/cat not belonging to DHS. I agree to hold harmless DHS, or its volunteers, for any liability or damages, should this dog/cat become a problem to myself or others.

Upon receipt of a written grievance regarding a DHS rescuer, DHS agrees to notify said rescuer and provide a forum for response to grievance. Violation of the DHS Code of Ethics is grounds for hearing and/or action by DHS.

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Kroger Card Donation


Kroger and You can help the animals!

If you shop at Kroger, please participate in the Kroger Community Rewards Program. Kroger will make a donation to DHS when you shop – no cost to you. If you are already participating, please remember to re-enroll each year beginning August 1st to continue participating. If you are not participating, please enroll today!

1. Visit
2. Sign in to your online account, or create an account
3. Find and select Denton Humane Society, and click “Save” (Non Profit Organization #80394)

You’ll start earning rewards for Denton Humane Society on qualifying purchases made using your Kroger Plus Card. This program does not interfere with Kroger Fuel Points.