Foster Parent Information

The very first thing you must know is that a foster parent can become a parent.  Yep, we agree that if our little foster does not get adopted, we keep them.  We also pledge to take back any and all adoptions that do not work out.  I have received 3 back that were adopted as far back as 3 years!  I want them back if it doesn’t work out.  I have rehomed all 3 so a little patience is required.

dogholdingleash1Denton Humane Society will supply the food, medications if needed or medical attention supplied by one of our 3 veterinarians.  You need to contact one of the board members (contact information will be supplied ahead of time)  in order to receive permission to seek medical treatment.   We have a contract with one of our 3 vets that does all of our spay/neuters as well as shots, flea treatment and microchipping.  You must use that vet if you want DHS to pay for this service.  All of our animals MUST be spayed/neutered and fully vetted before they leave your care.

You have the final say in who adopts your little one.  You may read a questionnaire that a potential adopter filled out and feel uneasy about it.  No problem, it is totally up to you who adopts your foster.

The normal adoption process begins with a questionnaire (we will provide that for you) and is then followed by a visit from the potential adopter(s) and then a home visit to the potential adopter’s house. If the adopter lives in an apartment or rental house, you must receive acceptance by the landlord to ensure it is okay for them to adopt.  If they live in an apartment, you must find out if a pet deposit has been made.  If not, they cannot go there until that has been done.  If they are caught, many just release them on the streets or to homes that are not good places for the little ones to be.

At the time of adoption (which can be during your home visit to their residence), you will then have them fill out a contract.  It gives them information about their pet as well as a time limit if things do not work out.  If you set that time limit at 2 weeks, you hold their check for that long.  A good way to find out how things are going is by requesting that the adopter contact you daily for one full week.  They can text, email or call you.  This will help you to spot potential problems or can help them ease into this situation with your assistance.  If you want someone to screen the questionnaire for you, we will do that as well.

In time, this will all become a natural process for you.  We will always be available to guide, answer questions or just offer a possible solution to a problem you are going through.  It is a serious decision so please do not make it lightly.

This is possibly the most rewarding thing you will do if you love animals.  It has been worth the heartache, sleepless nights and “missing” them phases you could go through.  It is also saving a life. They are so much more than “just a dog or cat” as some folks refer to them.
Please fill out the form if you are interested for fostering for DHS.  Someone will get with you as soon as possible and begin the fostering process.

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