Dakota, the Siberian Husky, is, quite simply, a great dog.  He is extremely friendly and loving and very very smart. He seems to understand when you talk to him and knows a few basic commands like “No” and “lie down”. He loves walking, playing ball, chewing on his favorite toy, playing in his swimming pool (he will put his head underwater and blow bubbles), and running very very fast. While adorable and enchanting in many ways, he needs a LOT of exercise and  is also demanding (those who have had huskies before understand what I mean). He still has a lot of puppy in him, kind of like a teenager that needs to rebel a little and sow wild oats. We think he is about 2 but we don’t know for sure because he was found running free in the country side.  Who knows what he has seen and done and experienced in his young life.

Dakota was heartworm positive and has gone through treatment and will need another heart worm test after September 23 to make sure his lungs and heart are clear.  He recently had a blood test that was clear of worms. Due to the heartworm treatment which demands that dogs stay calm and not exercise,Dakota has not had a chance to socialize with other dogs. He has lived with a cat the last 6 months,and knows to keep his distance. He has a quirky tummy and is on Hill’s Science Diet ID prescriptiondry food and occasionally white rice with chicken mixed in it.

We are looking for a family that will enjoy Dakota’s fun-loving and quirky personality and who is prepared to provide the exercise that he needs. Large and fenced backyard required. No children under 6 please – Dakota is rambunctious. Dakota is a family dog and is not to be abandoned in the backyard. If you are interested in our groovy boy, please email Michele at michelechelfrich@gmail.com for an application. Home check and vet check required.

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House trained • Current on vaccinations • Siberian Husky • Best Friend
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