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Tell us a little about yourself:

Personal Information

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How many adults are in your home?
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If you rent, do you have your landlord's permission to have a cat/dog?YesNo
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Do all family members want a cat?YesNo
Is anyone in the household allergic to cats?YesNo
Who will be primarily responsible for the cat’s care?
Who will be financially responsible for the cat?


Motivation and History

Is this your first experience with a pet? YesNo
What pets currently live in your household? (name/type/age/spayed or neutered/kept where)
What other pets have you owned in the last 5 years? Where are they now? (name/type/age/spayed or neutered/kept where)
Why do you want a pet?
How long have you considered this decision?


Pet Living Conditions

Do you object to a home visit prior to your adoption?YesNo
Do you object to follow up visits?
Are you familiar with licensing laws in your community?YesNo
How many hours a day will this pet be left with no one at home?
Will this pet spend most of its time inside or outside?
If outside, how many hours a day?
Where will this pet be kept if you go on vacation or leave home for an extended period of time?
If this pet were lost, what would you do?
Pets that are well cared for often live 10-15 years or more. Are you prepared to accept responsibility for this cat for the rest of his/her lifetime? YesNo
How long would the cat be alone each day?
Where will the cat be kept during the day?
Where will the cat sleep at night?
Have you previously housetrained a cat?YesNo
All pets in my household are spayed/neutered and current on all vaccinations and dogs are on heart-worm preventative medicine. (If you do not have dogs currently, are you familiar with heartworm disease and how it is prevented?)YesNo
Where are current pets kept?
Have you owned any other pets within the past 10 years other than those listed above? If yes, please list name, breed, and sex of each and explain what happened to them and the circumstances. (i.e. died from _________, gave away because ___________, etc.)
Where did you get your past and current pets?
How would you transport this cat if you took him/her places with you?
What is a reasonable amount of time to allow a new cat to adjust to your home?
What do you consider a valid reason for giving up a cat? (NOTE: DHS must always be contacted in the event that a cat adopted from us needs to be rehomed.)
What will you do if the cat claws at your furniture?
What type of food will you feed this pet?
What veterinarian do you use? (Please provide a phone number where your veterinarian can be reached.)
Will you be willing to keep this pet's annual vaccinations current?
Who will give the vaccinations?
If this pet requires surgery or special care, what do you think you would do?
Please add anything else you would like and feel free to ask any questions!